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Find a Tradie Review Based Directories Like TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc

Nowadays, before deciding on which tradesperson to hire, plenty of people consult review directories like Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide seeking the opinions and approval of people they feel are just like them.

It’s understandable that homeowners will trust other homeowners, particularly those who have recently had similar work done or used a specific tradie they’re considering booking.

Consumers also trust recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues, making peer recommendations the highest-ranked information source for trustworthiness.

How Are We Different from Most Directories?

Many directories work in such a way that anyone wanting to find out about local contractors must first submit specific details about their project to typically receive up to three free quotes from (promoted) tradespeople. That’s not what we are about at all.

Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide is More Like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Wotif, etc. 

It doesn’t cost businesses anything to claim their free listing on HBREG. Sure, we do offer Free, Featured, and/or Promoted Listings Packages— with the latter options enjoying higher search prominence, as well additional placement positions on our website including the Front Page, Sidebars and within related blog post SEO optimised content.

However, we encourage our readers to thoroughly check out any ‘reviews’ before hiring a tradie, and to leave a review for any that they have used. Likewise, if you know of a tradie not listed on HBREG, let us know and we’ll add them straight away.

Unlike other directories, we don’t send you a shortlist of ‘recommended’ (paid-listings) tradespeople to choose from. You get access to all of the businesses listed on the site regardless of if they have a promoted, featured, free or unclaimed listing.

Power of Find a Tradie Reviews & Performance Feedback

Leaving a review provides feedback on how the tradies performed, etc. These reviews will be utilised in our powerful ‘search by reviews’ platform, resulting in a genuine list of recommended local tradies businesses throughout Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

There are definite advantages in using Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide Trades Directory to find someone local, licensed and reputable to work on your property. Feel free to navigate the Find a Tradie Categories List to the right to find the trades business service type that you need. And when you do employ a local Hervey Bay Tradie, don’t forget to leave a review.

leave a find a tradie review

Simple to Use Find a Tradie Platform

With our online ‘find a tradie’ platform, you will find it very easy to connect with tradies that want to do your job! If you need assistance at all, feel free to reach out to me via our contact page or send an email to admin@herveybayrealestateguide.com.au

Informative Find a Tradie Blog Posts

For information on anything from painting your house to safety switches, gardening to roof repairs, etc be sure to check out our informative trades blog posts. 


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