Steps to Selling a House

  • Steps to Selling a House

Steps to Selling a House

House Selling Tips


There’s a lot to know when and be aware of when it comes to selling a home in Hervey Bay. Whether you’re selling your family home or investment property or you’re a seasoned Seller, our in-depth Selling Guide will take you through all the steps.

Deciding to sell your property is a huge decision; our goal is to assist you in the process and hopefully remove or at least minimize any concerns you may have through educating yourself on everything that is typically involved in putting your property on the market.

Find Out How To:
1. Prepare Your Home Like a Pro
2. Price & Market Your Property
3. Know How to Pick the Right Agent to Sell Your Home for You
4. Be Ready to Show Your Home to Prospective Buyers
5. Negotiate & Close the Sale

Home Preparation to Sell Property Fast!

Preparing Your Home for SalePreparing Your Home for Sale
Getting your property ready for sale is easy when you know how to proceed! Start with a good spring clean, de-cluttering, repairs and professional or DIY staging.
Follow our easy Home Preparation Tips that will transform your house into an irresistible and marketable property that sells fast!



 Do you know what one of the main distractions to potential Buyers is? Too much stuff- typically known as clutter! Effective home preparation starts with eliminating as much of it (clutter) as you can including nick-knacks, books, off-season clothes, linen, excess storage boxes and so on. It also helps to neutralise the space by putting away personal photos, mementos and collections as this will encourage potential Buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.


Home preparation for selling means basically a good spring-cleaning (top to bottom), resulting in a similar standard as you’d expect in a nice hotel. Remoce cobwebs from ceilings, wipe skirting boards, ensure floors, appliances, all cupboards and robes are clean and tidy. It’s also a good idea to have carpets professionally cleaned.
Obviously everyday cleaning and housekeeping including bed making, dishes, laundry and general cleaning up needs to be maintained when your home is on the market.


Staging your home for sale is the fun part of home preparation, especially when you know how to do it correctly without blowing the budget!
It may be as simple as buying new towels for the guest bathroom or having to repurpose a bedroom as an office and rearranging some furnture or even painting a feature wall, etc. You can use a professional stager or a member of our team can advise you on effective staging. It certainly doesn’t have to be expensive, but does require planning and time to make your home appeal to the largest variety of Buyers. Reality is that the effort you put into staging- transforming your home impacts on both the length of time to sell and the final price.


Most people tend to procrastinate fixing the little stuff. The patchy paintwork, leaky taps, the dent in the cabinets or loose, leaking gutters. The simple solution is to bring in a handyman to complete all these types of small repairs. And although simple; the impact on potential Buyers is huge as it communicates that your property has been well-maintained. And don’t forget to replace any burnt out light globes.


When putting your house on the market, it’s wise to complete a building and pest report to help identify any issues that could become Buyers Objections.
For example, a building inspector may deem that your home requires a new roof and you can:
a) decide whether to get it fixed or replaced, or
b) factor the issue into your asking price.
A building and pest report enable you to take charge of how any potential deficiencies will affect the final price of the property. A pre-listing house report is a very useful tool where you have a bidding war as it can encourage Buyers to make offers.


1. An agent that is totally honest (transparent) and will tell you the truth including advice on how to get the best price for your property. Even the stuff you may not want to hear!
Like what? Perhaps your pet dog doesn’t smell too good or that a ghastly shade of wall colour really isn’t working! You may want to repaint!

2. An agent that will assist you regarding preparing your house for sale with access to trusted home-professional contacts including handymen, painters, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, etc if you need to employ a contractor with expertise.
3. An agent that can recommend professional cleaners available to clean your house from top to bottom!
4. An agent that has the entire sales process covered with full-time support staff whether you need someone to wait for a tradesman to come on site or want packing boxes delivered.


Informative blog posts for sellers about home preparation, staging, de-cluttering and more coming soon.

Ready to Sell Your Hervey Bay Home?

If you’d like to know more or think you are ready to take that first step to selling a home in Hervey Bay; please get in touch with one of the real estate professionals that has properties listed on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide.

Hervey Bay House Prices | Price Your Home

Property Marketing
Important Factors in Determining How Much Your Home is Worth

*Recent House Prices / Property Sales in your Suburb
*Properties Currently on the Market
*Current Market Conditions
*The Pluses & Minuses of Your Home



Your property is only worth the amount that a Buyer is willing to pay, but with a right pricing strategy- you’ll end up with more cash in your pocket and a better end-deal on the table.

What about bidding wars? Or how about a high asking price with a plan to negotiate, factoring in the time of year you are selling, should your listing price be a whole number (400,000) or end in 9’s (399,000) or for that matter; should you even include a price in the listing? When do you lower your asking price?

Your asking price is the initial negotiation; so it is important to choose the right number. If you price your home too high, there is the risk of your property remaining on the market for a long time and eventually selling for a lower amount than if you had of started out meeting the market regards pricing. If you price your home too low; you finish up leaving money on the table instead of in your pocket!


1. Reputable real estate agents know the market & comparable sales
2. Local agents live & breath Hervey Bay Real Estate meaning that they know everything that is going on in the area as we are locals.
3. A professional agent physically sees the competition, therefore knowing local house prices and exactly how to price and position your property.
4. Agents should know what properties sell, which don’t and the reasons why.


Informative blog posts for sellers about Hervey Bay house prices, pricing your home, meeting the market, bidding wars and more coming soon!

Ready to Sell Your Hervey Bay Home?

If you’d like to know more or think you are ready to take that first step to selling a home in Hervey Bay; please get in touch with one of the real estate professionals that have properties listed on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide.

Effective Property Marketing Strategies to Find Your Ideal Buyer!

Property Marketing

There is lots more to property marketing then listing it on the internet (,, etc);
especially if you want to get Top $!
Reaching Buyers requires implementing an ideal marketing plan based on the following points.



Identifying Your Ideal Buyer

Since effective property marketing starts with targeting a specific audience; the more you know and understand about your ideal Buyer; the better. Knowing specifically the type of person that is most likely to buy your home includes considering age, single, a married couple or family status, lifestyle preferences as well as what features and benefits they are seeking in a property, etc.

Choosing the Right Property Marketing Materials Which Resonate with your Ideal Buyer

Because all Buyers are unique and respond to different types of marketing; it’s important that the marketing strategy for your property is designed to appeal to your ideal Buyer(s). Does your Buyer read letter box flyers or dismiss them as junk-mail, throwing the ad straight into the rubbish bin? What about video or social media posts? Is your Buyer already working with an agent or going solo looking to buy directly off an owner self-marketing through Gumtree or a similar website? Consider the type of language and words that your Buyer will best respond to.

Looking Good & Being Found Online

More than 92% of Buyers search online when buying a home; meaning that if they can’t find your property online you are seriously in trouble! Buyers expect to see high quality photos (and videos) that highlight all aspects of properties which is why professional digital photography is an absolute must. Choosing a real estate company with an excellent web presence and top social marketing strategies is not negotiable if you want the best exposure for your home, especially since Buyers are already spending so much time online already.

Exposing Your Property to Home Buyers Who Don’t Realise They Are Buyers Yet

Your Ideal Buyer may already be looking for a home but chances are; he/she might not even be looking. What about those Buyers that are not trolling or working with an agent? Effective listing local property marketing reaches both types of Ideal Buyers- those people that are already in the market to buy and those that are not.


Open Home Videos and 3D Walk-throughs range from simple image slideshows and virtual tours, through to highly detailed videos of the property including footage of the home and neighbourhood, the agent describing the features of the home and emotive music to capture the ambience of the space. It’s important to ask your real estate agent what types of video marketing is used as there is a great deal of variance in what is available in the marketplace from very basic mobile phone video walk-throughs to full-scale video productions and plenty of in-between options.

The use of video and 3D virtual tours as part of an online marketing strategy allows your potential Ideal Buyer to virtually experience your home before even physically seeing it.

Ensure that your property stands out from the crowd and receives the attention it deserves! 

Want to Know More on Property Marketing?
Property Marketing blog posts for Sellers coming soon!

Ready to Sell Your Home?

If you’d like to know more or think you are ready to take that first step to selling a home in Hervey Bay; be sure to get in touch with one of the real estate professionals that have properties listed on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide.

Open House, Home Inspections & Property Viewings by Appointment

Your home is ready, the price is right, the marketing has worked, and the Buyers want to see it.
Here’s our best advice for a successful open house when showing your home to potential buyers.



1. Be Flexible Regarding Open House Showing Times
It can be a real inconvenience having to show people through your home at all different times but keep in mind, that since lots of people work between 9am and 5pm; it means that after-hours and weekend viewings usually work best for many potential Buyers. This means you will need to be flexible with your viewing times, especially if you want top dollar!

2. Don’t Hang Around. Instead, Leave Your House During Open Homes & Viewings
Even though you may want to tell potential Buyers all about your home, the reality is that most Buyers prefer to look around without the Sellers there. Allow them to have free reign by going for a walk, visiting a friend or enjoying a coffee somewhere close-by; knowing that a member of Brian’s team will be there to answer any questions your potential Buyer might have.

3. Ensure Your Home is in Top Condition
It may be common sense but your home should be clean and tidy with dishes done, beds made, floors washed and so on. If you have any pets, make sure they are well secured (preferably outdoors) or perhaps take your dog out with you during an open house if you can.

4. Open Homes
The official figures indicate that 4% of houses sell due to Open Homes, but our experience shows that it is a much higher result than that. Potential Buyers, including curious neighbours, can see your home in a low-pressure, non-threatening environment. Reality is that many Buyers with no intention of buying a house, fall in love with it and then go ahead and buy it! Consequently, a regular open house marketing strategy usually works very well! *Covid-19 Restrictions, Good Hand Hygiene and Social Distancing Practices must be adhered to.

5. Feedback
The key aspect in selling your home is what Buyers see and feel. It’s wise to address any concerns or objections quickly and efficiently as it impacts directly on how long your home is on the market for.
1. The primary goal of an Open House is to sell YOUR property.
2. Ensure you get feedback from every agent showing your property so you know how Buyers are reacting to your home.
3. Ensure your agent provides weekly reports (or more frequent) about your open home viewings including number of showings, feedback on your property and what is currently going on in the market.


Online video tours, walkthroughs and virtual open homes provide your home with maximum exposure via a fully immersive experience to the largest number of potential home buyers before they even physically see the property. It’s a win-win for both sellers and buyers! Read More


Blog posts about the open house process, viewings by appointment and more coming soon!

Ready to Sell Your Hervey Bay Home?

If you’d like to know more or think you are ready to take that first step to selling a home in Hervey Bay; do get in touch with one of the real estate professionals that have properties listed on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide.

What You Need to Know About Offers & Getting a Sales Contract

Finally, all of the hard work has paid off and a Buyer wants to put in an offer on your home! Hopefully, that will lead to a sales contract!
Here’s what to expect.



The Buyer’s offer can be made in a few different ways. It may be presented in person to you and your agent, or to your agent by email or even by fax.

The Offer Contains These Important Points of Negotiation
1. The Deposit
2. The Price
3. The Closing Date
4. The Irrevocable Time/Date
5. The Conditions

Three Typical Ways to Respond to Offers:

1. Accept the offer as it is. Congratulations! You have just sold your house! The accepted offer becomes a binding sales contract!
2. Make a counter-offer with specific conditions/inclusions and/or a higher price. The Buyer can either accept your counter-offer, make another counter-offer or even choose to walk away completely meaning there is no sales contract.
3. Decline the offer

Your agent can provide you with solid advice and guidance regarding the art of negotiation which is important when it comes to getting the best price possible for your home. Of course, all final pricing decisions are completely up to you, but it is very helpful to have a skillful strategic negotiator on your side.

Want More Information on Offers & Sales Contracts Procedures?

Informative blog posts for sellers about home offers and contracts coming soon.

Ready to Sell Your Hervey Bay Property?

If you’d like to know more or think you are ready to take that first step to selling a home in Hervey Bay; be sure to get in touch with one of the real estate professionals that have properties listed on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide.