Smoke Alarms Safety Switches & Surge Protectors— The 3S’s of Electrical Safety

Ensure home safety with smoke alarms, safety switches, and surge protectors. Find reliable electricians in Hervey Bay & Maryborough through our trades directory. Comply with smoke alarm regulations for rental properties and safeguard against power surges with expert advice and installations.
smoke alarms save lives

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Smoke alarms save lives. How safe is your home? Do you and your family – or your tenants – sleep soundly at night? Are you certain you’ve followed all of Queensland’s electric installation rules and regulations? It’s wise to have a reliable master electrician that you trust will always show up and do a fantastic job each and every time that you need something done. Be sure to check Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide – Trades Section for recommended Hervey Bay electricians.

Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide won’t try to sell you anything. Our local trades directory provides you with a list of local electrical contractors, their contact details and any reviews that previous customers may have left about their experience with a particular electrician.

Smoke Alarms in Investment Properties

No doubt that as a property investor you are aware that in order to rent out your home, it must comply with the new smoke alarm regulations which came into full force recently. There was a two year window allowing time for landlords to comply with new interlinked smoke alarms, but that time has now elapsed.

The three types of smoke alarms are ionization, photoelectric and a combination of the two which is commonly called a “dual” detector. *Additional information about smoke alarm compliance

smoke alarms save lives

Hervey Bay Maryborough Switchboards & Safety Switches

If you are needing information about switchboard and/or safety switches, perhaps start by taking a picture of your switchboard and sending it to your preferred local electrician here on HBREG?

Do your light bulbs tend to flicker? Has a fuse lately blown? It’s possible that your switchboard is having difficulties. You know how it goes: after it’s installed, you completely forget about it— until there’s a problem.
Was your home built prior to 1990 or about thirty plus years ago? Do you still have the old switchboard with the porcelain fuses? Have you been installing new appliances over the years, such as air conditioning and a pool? Electric shocks can be avoided with the use of safety switches.

Call one of our featured Hervey Bay electricians to come to your home and do a free initial audit to determine the adequacy of your metering system. Rest assured, you’ll receive a report with recommendations for improvement and an obligation free cost estimate.

You might also like to read our blog post about Upgrading Your Electrical Switchboard.

Dangerous Power Surges During Stormy Weather 

Then there’s the dangerous power surges that stormy weather can cause. Did you know that lightning can cause a surge that can completely destroy electrical equipment? A hard-wired surge protector or transient voltage surge suppressor is the first line of defence against power surges and lightning strikes. These are vital in workplace and/or industrial building. Nowadays, since almost every home has computers, televisions, home theatre systems and complex household electrical gadgets, it makes sense to protect them all against power outages and surges.

Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide Trades Directory – Electrical Contractors

Do take some time to look through the listings and contact one of our electrical contractors if you reside in the Hervey Bay or Maryborough regions and need any electrical work done. Just in need of some professional electrical adviceabout smoke alarms, safety switches or surge protection? No worries— get in touch with a reputable electrician today.

You can rest assured that your home’s electrical supply is in good hands with our Recommended Electrical Contractors here in Hervey Bay and/or Maryborough. Get a free quote from one of them right now.

Featured Electricians

There are plenty of reputable electrical contractors throughout the Hervey Bay and Maryborough regions— these three  are featured this month week on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide. Be sure to check out their listing pages and any discounts or bonus offers each may currently have available.

If you’d prefer take a look at all of our current Trades: Electricians Listings

Electrician in Hervey Bay and Maryborough on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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