Residential Electrical Work- Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Hiring a licensed electrician for residential electrical work is crucial in Australia. Always verify licenses, insurance, and seek recommendations. Obtain multiple quotes with detailed breakdowns, ensure necessary permits, and discuss timelines and job specifics. Choose an electrician who communicates clearly and meets your needs for safe and effective electrical services.
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Electrical work is one of those jobs that require you to hire a professional licensed electrician— seriously it’s Australian law! So just how do you go about choosing the right electrician? It’s an easy process that involves checking qualifications, getting multiple quotes and reading past customer recommendations.
So regardless of how small or large, simple or complex an electrical job that needs doing around your home (or business) is, it’s imperative that you employ a qualified electrical contractor.

When to Hire an Electrician

This question has one simple answer—A.L.W.A.Y.S. Sure, you may think that some electrical jobs are simple enough to undertake yourself, but all electrical work is detailed, challenging and extremely dangerous. It is definitely not worth the risk and a DIY attitude to electrical jobs is utterly foolish and against the law. Any electrical work in Australia must be done by a licensed electrician or a registered electrical contractor (REC), according to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007.
So now you know! That said, you are allowed to screw in light globes and/or replace fuses so long as you know how to. These six crucial points listed below will assist you in getting top quality work at the best price when you need to have residential electrical work done.
When looking to hire a professional electrical contractor to carry out electrical repairs in your home, you want to make sure that the contractor you choose is not only fully certified and insured; but is also experienced and skilled in performing electrical services and electrical repair work. It can be difficult to ascertain this information over the phone.
Here at Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide, we have plenty of qualified licensed electricians and local electrical companies listed for you to choose from. But exactly how do you find the right one for your particular needs? We’re here to help you make an informed decision on how and when to hire an electrician in Hervey Bay.

The following tips about how to hire an electrician for your residential electrical needs will provide you with useful information about choosing the best electrician to suit your requirements.

Licenses & Insurance Coverage

It is vital to ensure that any electrical contractors you hire to carry out work in your home are professionally certified and insured. A reputable electrician will happily provide you with these details. With large electrical contracting companies, you may be able to easily find this information via their business website or a brochure. If hiring an independent electrical contractor, such checks are even more important.
Never consider hiring a friend that has tinkered with electrical work as not only is it against Australian law, but it is also highly dangerous.


Asking family or friends that have recently hired electrical contractors for their recommendations is one of the best methods to find out how good or bad an electrician is. Personal recommendations and warnings provide a wealth of useful information.

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Get a Preliminary Quote

Before hiring an electrician, always get at least three quotes as having several detailed quotations from different electrical contractors will provide you with a solid comparison of price and specific inclusions. A quote with a detailed breakdown of costs is most ideal.

Permits & Authorization

Some electrical jobs require particular approval and/or permits. A reputable electrical contractor will never try to cut corners by performing work without such permits and/or approval.
While the process of getting such approval(s) can sometimes postpone the start or continuation of work, starting a job without any of the necessary permits in place puts you at great risk and may even void your insurance.


A reputable and reliable licensed electrical contractor will not only include the overall costings of the work to be done but will also provide you with a timeline estimate regarding completion and specific milestones.
There may be some adjustments to the proposed timeline once the work begins, but it is helpful to have an idea of how long the job is most likely to take.

Listening & Recommendations

The best residential licensed electrical contractors will happily listen to your requirements and expectations, in turn providing you with detailed information with regard to the work to be undertaken. It’s also helpful that your electrical contractor is able to explain the work to be done in such a way that you actually understand.
By following the tips provided in this post when you check out our Trades Listings for electricians on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide; the process should be fairly straightforward. Be sure to leave a review once you’ve hired one of our listed licensed electrical contractors.

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