Open House, Home Inspections & Property Viewings by Appointment

 Your home is ready, the price is right, the marketing has worked, and the Buyers want to see it. Here’s our best advice for a successful open house when showing your home to potential buyers.

1. Be Flexible Regarding Open House Showing Times
It can be a real inconvenience having to show people through your home at all different times but keep in mind, that since lots of people work between 9am and 5pm; it means that after-hours and weekend viewings usually work best for many potential Buyers. This means you will need to be flexible with your viewing times, especially if you want top dollar!

2. Don’t Hang Around. Instead Leave Your House During Open Homes & Viewings
Even though you may want to tell potential Buyers all about your home, reality is that most Buyers prefer to look around without the Sellers there. Allow them to have free reign by going for a walk, visiting a friend or enjoying a coffee somewhere close-by; knowing that a member of Brian’s team will be there to answer any questions your potential Buyer might have.

3. Ensure Your Home is in Top Condition
It may be common sense but your home should be clean and tidy with dishes done, beds made, floors washed and so on. If you have any pets, make sure they are well secured (preferably outdoors) or perhaps take your dog out with you during an open house if you can.

4. Open Homes
The official figures indicate that 4% of houses sell due to Open Homes, but our experience shows that it is a much higher result than that. Potential Buyers, including curious neighbours can see your home in a low-pressure, non-threatening environment. Reality is that many Buyers with no intention of buying a house, fall in love with it and then go ahead and buy it! Consequently, a regular open house marketing strategy usually works very well!

5. Feedback
The key aspect in selling your home is what Buyers see and feel. It’s wise to address any concerns or objections quickly and efficiently as it impacts directly on how long your home is on the market for.
1. The primary goal of an Open House is to sell YOUR property.
2. Ensure you get feedback from every agent showing your property so you know how Buyers are reacting to your home.
3. Ensure your agent provides weekly reports (or more frequent) about your open home viewings including number of showings, feedback on your property and what is currently going on in the market.


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