What You Need to Know About Offers & Getting a Sales Contract

Finally all of the hard work has paid off and a Buyer wants to put in an offer on your home! Hopefully that will lead to a sales contract!
Here’s what to expect.

The Buyer’s offer can be made in a few different ways. It may be presented in person to you and your agent, or to your agent by email or even by fax.

The Offer Contains These Important Points of Negotiation
1. The Deposit
2. The Price
3. The Closing Date
4. The Irrevocable Time/Date
5. The Conditions

Three Typical Ways to Respond to Offers:
1. Accept the offer as it is. Congratulations! You have just sold your house! The accepted offer becomes a binding sales contract!
2. Make a counter-offer with specific conditions / inclusions and/or a higher price. The Buyer can either accept your counter-offer, make another counter-offer or even choose to walk away completely meaning there is no sales contract.
3. Decline the offer

Your agent can provide you with solid advice and guidance regarding the art of negotiation which is important when it comes to getting the best price possible for your home. Of course, all final pricing decisions are completely up to you, but it is very helpful to have a skillful strategic negotiator on your side.

Want More Information on Offers & Sales Contracts Procedures?

Informative blog posts for sellers about home offers and contracts coming soon.

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