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The Promoted Single Package is for those business owners who want to be on top and truly stand out.
You get the lot! Front Page. Side Bars. Blog Posts.
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Did we mention when you contact Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide you’ll be working directly with one of our local digital marketing SEO specialists? As locals to the region, we know the area, your customers, and how to get you found in a way that’s both affordable and effective.

What is SEO? Why is it Important for Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective customer acquisition techniques and outranking your local competitors is one of the best ways to get new customers.  By targeting visitors that are looking online for services in their local area, if you utilise local SEO strategies, your business will have a better chance of being found by potential clients.

SEO Local Search


Because Google tailors search results to your geographic region, your listing (or website) will dominate local search results for your business speciality if properly configured.

To improve your visibility in local search, we optimise your business listing with location-based keywords, request positive reviews from prior clients or customers, and undertake backlink outreach.

Consider SEO to be a communication channel between your listing (or website) and the search engine. Without it, the search engine will be unable to read your website and remember to present it to the appropriate individuals when they are searching for items and services in their area.

We also create a wide range of informative blog posts using specific keywords that drive traffic to our local Hervey Bay and Maryborough featured listings— Upgrade to a Premium Listing and then secure your Promoted Single Listing Front Page spot as well.

Local Search. Local Business. Promoted Business Single Package Reduction.

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Our Local Search Promoted Single Packages usually sell for $100 per week-long period but as a launch special, we’ve slashed the price to just $50 per week over a four week period. ($200 for the full four weeks)

*Read the why list, getting started, and promoted listings guides for more information about the features and benefits of being on Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide: Your Local Search Business Directory & Property Guide.

If you do need any assistance in getting started or would like additional information about how to promote your business, grow your business or local business SEO—  be sure to send me an email or call 0424 133 443. I’m always happy to help.