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At Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide, we genuinely care about ensuring you have as much information about each individual Hervey Bay agent working in the area. With so many Real Estate Agents Hervey Bay listings to look through, it can be difficult choosing the best agent to sell your property or to buy through.

You’ll find that we do things a little differently than most other real estate business guides and directories.

For starters, we are a local Hervey Bay business located in Urangan, Hervey Bay.

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Not sure how to pick the best real estate agent for your needs? We recommend looking at a few top-performing Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents Profiles here on our website, as well as reading some of our informative blog posts that are packed with useful information about choosing the best listing agent to sell your property. 

Likewise, if you are looking to buy a house, check out our Buyers Guide and a few Blog Posts specifically for Buyers.

Understanding Top Real Estate Agents Near You Fees & Commissions

To put yourself in the best position to find a real estate agent when buying and selling property, negotiate, do some research on the agent’s fees, commissions, and performance in your suburb before you meet them. There are many local agents comparison service website platforms that show you more relevant information including customer service records, real estate agent fees, number of properties sold, prices, etc. You can also check online reviews and recommendations.

QLD Real Estate Agents Hervey Bay Commissions

Without a doubt, fees and agent commissions make up a large portion of the cost to sell a property. It’s important to know what is covered in these fees and any additional charges that you may be up for.

In Queensland, real estate agent commissions generally cost between 2-4% of your selling price. Here’s what you typically (but not always) get for that investment. There are legislative laws that protect you when dealing with real estate agents commissions.

Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents
Make Sure That You Understand Your Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents Commission & Fees

In exchange for your commission, you should receive the following key services and benefits:

Straight Forward (Clear) Communication
Your agent’s assistance is essential. You should receive daily communication, weekly reports, and meetings about what’s going on with your marketing campaign, including updates on buyer activities, feedback, and enquiry levels, communication about offers, and updates on other market conditions, such as new listings with which you may be competing and recent sales.

Written Offers
According to Downes, a listing real estate agent should make every effort to secure any offers from buyers in writing (in the form of a contract) and any feedback from buyers that inspected your property at an Open Home or by private viewing. Buyer feedback will assist in helping you to make an informed decision about pricing your home to meet the market.

Top Negotiating Skills
The skill of your agent to bargain will have a major impact on your final sale price– a competent and strategic real estate agent is more likely to assist you to reach a greater sale price than you could do on your own.

A skilled agent also has the capacity to generate competition by obtaining numerous buyers for your property which will almost certainly offer an opportunity for a higher price that will significantly exceed a one-on-one discussion.

What About Haggling Over Agent Fees?

Some real estate brokers are willing to work out a deal on their commissions and costs, although an agent that prefers to ‘add value’ is possibly a better option than the one that discounts his/her commission. Ask the agent how they plan to promote and publicise your property, what price they think you may expect, and if they plan to sell it by auction or private treaty, and the reasons why.

You’ll be better able to determine whether or not your agent’s rate offers good value after you grasp their marketing strategy.

What About Flat Fee Agents?

Some real estate agencies and agents do offer a flat fee service to sell your home, but a percentage-based compensation is far more frequent. A flat fee service is believed to have the disadvantage of not motivating your agent to acquire the greatest price for your house, as an agent negotiating a flat charge may prioritize a rapid sale above the highest price.

Tiered Commission Structures

Other agents may agree to a tiered commission structure, where you pay a percentage to a certain amount (say 3%+ GST until $750,000 and 5%+ GST on any price achieved above this point).

*Be sure to ask plenty of relevant questions when choosing an agent to sell your property.


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