Hervey Bay Builders New Homes Guide

Hervey Bay Builders New Homes Guide

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With so many Hervey Bay builders to choose from, selecting the right builder for your new home can be time-consuming, but given the amount of money involved, that time is undoubtedly well spent.

Before choosing your Hervey Bay builder, a few important factors need to be considered.

Price & Budget

There are local Hervey Bay builders that specialise for first-time home buyers, medium-sized project houses, high-quality custom-design homes, and luxury builders that cater to extremely high budgets.

Typically, for the first home buyer/build, there is no point in approaching a custom or luxury home builder that is expensive. A spec-home builder or Turnkey Property specialist will better suit their needs and budget.

Reputation & References

Many people when building a home want the perceived security of a familiar name, with the number of completed homes often determining their choice of builder.
It is important to read any reviews and speak to both current and past customers before signing a contract with a builder. A reputable builder will have no issue with you speaking to their customers and should be able to provide you with verifiable references.

Financial Stability

Today’s highly competitive market sees builders reducing prices to stay busy which may appear good on paper but isn’t sustainable in the long run since all businesses need to make money to stay in business. There is no point in getting the best price in town if the builder goes out of business.

Although not an absolute guarantee, a credit reference is one of the best sources of information about a company’s financial health. Pay particular attention to whether suppliers are paid on time and that the builder has a high rating within the industry.

Design & Style Preferences

Since most builders specialise in certain styles of home; choosing the best fit for your preferred home style is important. If looking to build a complex three-story home, it would not be wise to choose a builder that specialises in single-story designs. Likewise, if seeking an eco-friendly home with plenty of sustainable features, it’s best to find a builder that incorporates such elements into the designs. It’s common sense really.

The building company may have a sizable portfolio of drawn designs but may not have physically built some of them. Ask the builder how many properties they have built in the particular style that you are considering. Also, keep in mind that most Hervey Bay builders employ a team of trades specifically suited to the type of homes which they regularly build.


Even though Hervey Bay isn’t a huge city, most local builders have a preferred area in which their prices are most competitive, making it ideal to choose one that has a good selection of houses built in the particular area or suburb you are considering.

It is certainly much simpler and more cost-effective for local builders to construct several homes in a specific area or suburb. These are often spec homes or Turnkey homes.

Choosing a contractor that does not regularly build in the area may create on-site delays, additional costs and other concerns since the company has fewer options to rely on. A contractor outside of your area will usually add a contingent liability if necessary when setting a price. It is best to employ a happy, well-represented company in the area where you plan to live.

Personality & Working Relationships

It is important to consider the type of relationship you want to develop with your local Hervey Bay builder— are you the type of person that needs to be on-site regularly?

Large construction companies can change supervisors often whereas a smaller company may provide a more personalized service. In some cases, it may be the owner of the business that you deal with directly giving you total peace of mind.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t need to micro-manage the project, it will mean that a close relationship with the builder may not be as important to you.

Either way, it is vital to select the right local builder for your needs— one that will deliver what you want, at a price you want, and with the level of service you require.

Hervey Bay Builders House & Land Packages

Check home building websites and real estate guides offering advice and assistance regarding any decision-making processes, explanation of unfamiliar terms and conditions, when and where to sign paperwork and to ensure that the builder is a good fit for your project. Feel free to inspect our Explore page to view our Hervey Bay Builders Listings.

Display Homes Hervey Bay

There are several Display Villages located throughout Hervey Bay which are well worth visiting to gage what styles of homes are available. Be sure to adhere to any social distancing rules when you visit.

You may find additional information about Hervey Bay by visiting Fraser Coast Council Link

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