Helpful Tips About Electric Switchboard Upgrades & Replacements

Electrical work is one of those jobs that require you to hire a professional licensed electrician— seriously it’s Australian law! So just how do you go about choosing the right electrician? It’s an easy process that involves checking qualifications, getting multiple quotes and reading past customer recommendations.
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Installing a new electric switchboard allows you to keep track of your home’s old wiring.

The heart of your home’s electrical system is the power switch board. It directs the distribution of energy from the main power source to the electrical equipment throughout your home.

The domestic switchboard serves a practical purpose, but its primary function is to keep your home safe. When the system detects danger, fail-safe safety switches on modern electrical boards stop the power supply. They also help you save money on electricity.

Switchboards have long been a part of Australian homes, but many older units aren’t up to the task of meeting the electrical demands of modern living. Older switchboards might also be hazardous to your family’s health and safety.

Contact one of our recommended Maryborough and Hervey Bay residential electricians if you require information or a price to upgrade your switchboard or to do any other routine electrical work.

When Might You Need to Replace Your Electric Switchboard?

Local electrical specialists throughout Hervey Bay and Maryborough can assist you with updating your home’s electrical system. Making your home safer and preparing for future electrical demands can be done at any time. The following are some of the most typical reasons why home owners may need to upgrade or relocate their switchboards:

  • During a renovation. An upgrade to your switchboard is potentially a good idea if you are adding extra electrical power points, lights, or appliances during your renovation. It may even be a legal necessity in some situations to bring your property back up to Australian Standards.
  • Wanting to relocate the switchboard is an ideal time to consider an upgrade allowing you to improve the wiring and guarantee that the switchboard is in a better location with room for future expansion.
  • Following the upgrade of appliances. Newer appliances may place additional demand on your electrical system. There’s a strong possibility you have more gadgets in your home now than you had a decade ago, which means your power supply may not be up to the task of more modern requirements .
  • Creating a smart home. A smart or Google Home utilises smart home devices including smart thermostat, smart speakers, smart lighting and smart displays. These smart home products can help you automate systems and lower your overall energy consumption. Older switchboards may not be capable of running the tools needed to equip your home.
  • If your circuit board has run out of switches. New equipment may have to share a switch with other appliances if you’ve run out of switches. This is inefficient and may result in your power supply becoming unreliable.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Switchboard Immediately

Power outages or flickering lights on a regular basis.

The switchboard you have now is almost 20 years old.

Asbestos panels and/or ancient wiring are still in use.

electric switchbard upgrades

These are serious indicators that your switchboard may be a fire hazard in your home. Older boards lack the automated shut-offs included in newer boards, and asbestos panels, which contain carcinogenic compounds, can represent a major health risk.

Should your current switchboard have any of these signs, contact a qualified residential electrician as soon as possible for an upgrade quote.

Switchboard Upgrade Benefits

Safety: A Residual Current Device is installed in new switchboards (RCD). This is a device that monitors the electricity supply to your home and will shut it down immediately if it senses a problem. This can aid in the prevention of electrocution, making it a life-saving component in modern residential electrical systems.

Efficiency: Modern switchboards dynamically monitor your home’s electricity usage to ensure that it is as efficient as possible. This can reduce your overall power use, which is beneficial to both the environment and your monthly energy cost.

Preparing for the Future: Choosing to upgrade your electrical switchboard now allows you to prepare for the future. You’ll have everything you need to run a home movie theatre, new smart-home appliances, or air-conditioning and so on. A new switchboard might also increase the value of your home for future buyers.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade or Relocate a Switchboard?

The price of upgrading or relocating your switchboard depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of your house or unit
  • If you have an asbestos panel
  • The number of circuits on your board
  • The amount of rewiring that is required
  • The type of electrical system currently in your home

Any of our local electrical contractors listed on HBREG will happily visit your home and provide you with a free pricing estimate. You’ll know just how much to budget for your switchboard upgrade. Most homeowners believe that the cost of the upgrade or relocation is justified by the peace of mind it provides regarding their home’s electrical supply.

A new switchboard, after all, is significantly less expensive than a home fire. On average, an upgrade will set you back between $750 and $1500.

Why Should You Always Hire a Domestic Electrician to Upgrade Your Power Switch Board?

Electrical Safety Standards. Attempting to upgrade your power switchboard yourself is not only unsafe, but it is also illegal. To complete the work, you’ll need to employ a qualified, licenced electrician—a Level 2 Electrical Service Provider can take care of every part of your switchboard update or relocation, including disconnecting and reconnecting the mains electricity. When the board is installed, they will test it and present you with a certificate of safety when the job is finished.

To discuss updating your home’s switchboard, contact one of our recommended local electricians now. They will provide you fair advice on how to enhance your system while staying within your budget, as well as a free quote before starting.

You can rest assured that your home’s electrical supply is in good hands with our Recommended Electrical Contractors here in Hervey Bay and/or Maryborough. Get a free quote from one of them right now.

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