Did Your Listing Agent Forget to Spell Check Your Property Listing?

Choosing a listing agent? Ensure they spell-check your property listing thoroughly. Many ads online and offline contain glaring errors, reflecting poorly on professionalism. Trust a real estate agent who prioritizes accurate copywriting to effectively market your valuable asset.
Did Your Agent Forget to Spell Check Your Property Listing

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So, you’ve decided to list your home for sale and selected an agency/agent based on whatever commodity it was that enticed you to make your decision— agency brand awareness, free marketing, flat fee in lieu of % commission payable, or something else. Congratulations on deciding to sell your property. But, did your listing agent spell check your property listing?

Agents Should Always Spell Check Your Property Listing to Avoid Spelling & Grammatical Errors

As I load every single new Hervey Bay and Maryborough property listing onto the Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide platform to update and send out the Upcoming Weekly Open Homes PDF to my subscribers, I am appalled at the vast number of spelling and grammatical errors that I find in the ad copy for so many property listings.

Each of these very poorly written ads appear online on the major real estate portals like RealEstate.com and Domain, as well as on individual agency websites and any hard copy brochures, window displays, newspaper copy, etc.
*See one such sample below that I uploaded onto my website today (I have many others)

I use various grammar-checking software applications in my work as a copywriter, and sadly most of the advertising content I come across is literally filled with stupid errors that simply shouldn’t be made by professional real estate agents. You as a seller are paying the agency or listing agent to professionally market your property.

It’s a No Brainer!

Seriously, if your listing agent cannot get something as simple as correct spelling and grammar (including The Correct Title Case Format, commas, hyphens, all-caps, paragraph structure, spacing, etc) when doing your property write up— why would you place your most valuable asset in their hands to sell? Seriously, it’s a no-brainer!

List Your Home With a Professional Listing Agent

Check out our Recommended Real Estate Agents who will professionally market and sell your home, and rest assured that your advertising copy will be written correctly.

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He/She at Least Uses Spell Check on Your Property Listing!

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