Describing Your Home Like They Are Describing a Garage Sale!

Effective real estate ad copy goes beyond basic descriptions to evoke emotional connections with potential buyers. Detailed, engaging narratives and multimedia like interactive videos enhance property listings online. Professional copywriting highlights unique selling points, creating compelling "word pictures" that entice serious buyers to take action.

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If your real estate ad copy resembles a garage sale description; chances are you are headed for A Garage Sale Price for Your Most Valued Possession!

World-class property photographs will make potential buyers of your property salivate at the prospect of owning it, but the accompanying words are the herbs and spices that flavour it exactly to their liking.

How often do we see newspaper and internet advertising for real estate consisting of one or two photographs—  usually just the front view, followed by a short paragraph of waffle and a few bullet points of ‘features’ to describe it? You know the type…

“Feature packed this charming property boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge main bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite, timber floors throughout, off street parking, large private garden, modern kitchen and heaps of natural light.” Blah blah blah!

The property promoted in this way becomes just one of thousands promoted in any given week; nothing makes it a must-see property any more than all the other properties vying for attention.

Unique Comprehensive Property Descriptions Evoke Emotion

Compare that with a comprehensive description of your home including all the features and benefits of ownership written in such a way that buyers are drawn in emotionally. Add an interactive video, walk-through video and several photographs offering a variety of rooms and angles. There is no comparison.

Buyers want to see kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, backyards, entertainment areas and more, not just a front view of your property. Of course, you can always pay a small fortune for pictorial ads in the newspaper which are large enough to accommodate a comprehensive description; but this may not be practical or even necessary these days.

The good news is there is no added expense on the size of your ad when it comes to advertising on the internet, and the internet has an added bonus— about 90% of home buyers use the internet to find their next home for most property types.

Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide: Comprehensive Ad + Maximum Exposure

Some real estate agents will argue that people no longer have time to read and only look at bullet points. The reality is that people who are only window-shopping and have no real interest in buying a property tend to view the main image and look at the bullet points without reading the description at all.

Research indicates that anyone serious about making a major purchasing decision, like that of your property, will want to get a hold of all the information they can so that they can make an informed decision.

Successful copywriting then is not a matter of the number of words or whether or not to rely on just bullet points. One of the real dangers of not engaging a professional writer is that you can easily end up with copy that’s either far too short on detail or it’s uninspiring and boring.

A good writer will invest the time to learn all the benefits of living in your home. They’ll get a solid understanding of the kind of people that are likely to be interested in it, and then write as if they were talking directly with them.

The writing style should be specific yet not dry; be as long as necessary yet never dull; be emotionally compelling, never fluffy; be easy to read yet never condescending.

The writer will find the ‘unique selling proposition’ of your property and focus on it in the ‘story’— creating ‘word pictures’ that place the reader’s imagination right there in your home along with a strong desire to contact the listing agent or agency.

Professional copywriting can truly be the difference between a potential buyer clicking away thereby taking no action and you achieving a sale for a premium price.

target market advertising

Vested Interest: Serious Effect of Free Advertising

When a real estate agency or agent offers you free advertising; one of the more serious and sinister effects is that the agency and/or agent then has a vested interest in the sale of your property. Do you really think that a real estate agency or agent can honestly afford to give your property the exposure IT DESERVES at their own expense?

Think back to your primary school days. Remember the routine Show & Tell presentations that involved bringing in a special treasured item to show and tell your classmates about?

A home is one of the most precious treasures that most people own and selling it requires that you SHOW great images/videos and TELL a compelling story. Never rely on implementing just one without the other— use both together.

In other words, make it easy for your prospects to fall in love with your property. One of the best and least expensive investments you can make to sell your property quickly and for an optimum price is to invest in a real estate agency or agent appreciates and uses professional target written advertising copy.

It’s most important to hire an agency and agent based on their level of service, advice and commitment to getting you maximum results rather than someone effectively ‘buying’ your business by offering to place your ads at supposedly ‘no charge’. (there’s always a charge)



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