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Introducing Our Interactive Open Home Video Tours

Exclusive 3d virtual tour software— brought to you by Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide. Check out our virtual house tours and 3D house tours unique marketing strategies that effectively get YOUR house sold.

Technical innovation is occurring all the time. I remember when the first mobile phone came onto the market and was the size of a concrete block and weighed as much! Look at them today! Also— fax superseded telegrams, with photo copy and email communications now the norm.

What’s next? In Real Estate,  change is usually slow in coming and very costly. However, the internet has altered real estate marketing by leveling the playing field for both large and small agencies. Originally the internet was mostly used as a research tool for Buyers, resulting in many agents becoming complacent as the new online search approach created a sliced-bread consensus of marketing.

Videos, Walk Throughs & 3D Videos

The real estate video was the next new real estate tool that appeared; with the promise of replacing agents and online buying— but it did not happen! The agent walk-through video came next, but who wants to listen to an agent describe what they are looking at? Next came 3D video, but it is expensive, requires costly equipment and is often only available directly at the agency office level.

None of these video styles are interactive, nor do they give the viewer the opportunity to zoom in or out, to inspect a property from their home computer, tablet or smart phone. Well, all that has now changed with the introduction of our Interactive Open Home Video virtual house tours and 3D house tours using state of the art 3d virtual tour software.


HBREG Launches “360° Interactive Open Home Video Tours”!

Selling or buying a home is challenging with the process often being — frustrating, time consuming, exhausting, nerve wracking and so on. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Our cutting-edge marketing “360° Interactive Open Home Video” provides your home with maximum exposure via a fully immersive experience to the largest number of potential home buyers. It’s a win-win for both sellers and buyers!

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360° Interactive Open Home Video Offer
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The popularity of online video is no secret as people simply love watching videos. Our 360° interactive open home video brings interested buyers straight into your home from the comfort of their computer, tablet or mobile phone!

Did You Know?

  • Real estate listings with virtual house tours get clicked on at least 450% more than those without the video 
  • Buyers spend 52% longer on listings with video than those profiles without video content (realestate.com.au) Interactive Open Home Inspections offer far more engagement time over standard video or agent walk-through video
  • Our 360° interactive open home video / 3D house tour effortlessly showcases your property to potential buyers— it is superior to photos, maps, flyers and minimal newspaper

Interactive Virtual House Tours – What is the Difference?

A 360° interactive open home video using our 3d virtual tour software adds value. It also conveniently creates an open home for your property online 24×7 and provides buyers with a deeper understanding of the size, layout and interior design of the property. Once equipped with a realistic view of the home, buyers are then able to decide if the property is worth physically inspecting or not. Our virtual video inspection offers potential buyers the ability to choose when, where and what specific parts of the home they would like to view.
*Best of all— our 3D house tour directly places big-city buyers in YOUR home.

Our 360° interactive open home inspection panoramas are all about increasing big city buyer engagement in your property by giving buyers the opportunity to have the feeling of being there already. Giving them extra insight into your property, what your home should offer them and what it is like to live in Hervey Bay.

Home Buyers in remote buyers can fall in love with your home from a distance and even buy online if they want to. It’s effective and it’s easy as by simply being able to maneuver through your home as if they are physically there; it becomes a very simple process for an interested buyer to make an offer on the property, or put a contract on the home subject to a physical inspection.

  • Our virtual house tours mean that investors don’t need to travel from their work until they find that desired opportunity to invest.
  • Sellers benefit from having committed buyers inspecting the property speeding up the sale process.
  • 360° interactive open home videos can be sent via link to social media to buyer’s friends and family.
  • Get this cutting-edge marketing tool that uses our 3d virtual tour software for your home selling campaign today.

What it is Not

  • A non-interactive video walk through of the home by the agent
  • A 3D house tour video that won’t work on all computer operating systems without costly equipment
  • Not a once a week 30-minute open home
Hervey Bay Real Estate Agent Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson HBREG

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